Thursday, 21 February 2008

spare us cloudmaster

Totally over the winter weather. Ok, so about 99.9% of the time it has been raining once a day in Glasgow, not only that but the biting wind makes it almost impossible to stand up, let alone trek the distance to uni everyday. Wind, rain, fog, snow AND -1 degree temperatures = layering to the max and quite frankly we are sick of it.
Spring/Summer lines premiered back in September before the winter months have even begun. The fashion media and press already predicting the bigger trends, anticipating the high street copy cats. So often we find ourselves way ahead of the game.

In Summer 07 we were already longing for Stella McCartney's chunky knits and imagining treking around in Marc by Marc Jacobs skating boots. Eventually, as Christmas approaches, you finally get to wear whats been on your mind all summer...then why is it all you can think of is pinic attire? Picturing tea parties and sunglasses, we dream of the day when we can wear our Luella-esque florals.

So in conclusion to this post, we beg you, elements of the earth, show us some sun!

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