Thursday, 28 February 2008

Canis Lupus

Post Marc Jacob jacket satisfaction, I feel it is necessary to begin to divulge our inspirations. So I will begin with one of particular importance.  THE WOLF.

As Occy pointed out in a previous post, we have an unconditional love for Wolves.  Needless to say if I had a spirit animal it would most definitely be a wolf. 
It all began about a year ago, with a very special jumper that my friend KJ pointed out to me in a vintage store in London.  'This looks like something you'd like' she exclaimed whilst holding up a worn 'Jerzees' jumper.  Lets just say it was love at first sight.  

It's their piercing eyes, their stealth like movement, their chilling howl, their beautiful fur, Angela Carter's 'Werewolf' in "the Bloody Chamber and other stories', the full moon, the snowy mountains and landscapes of Canada and the deep dark forests in which they linger.

Be it through t-shirts or jumpers my collection is ever multiplying...and the love seems to be spreading!  It was to my great excitement to see Jack Black sporting several amazing wolf t-shirts in Michel Gondry's new film 'Be Kind Rewind'.  The combination of his aviator glasses and scruffy wolf tops led way to a great look.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any evidence of this in pictorial form on the net, so instead I urge everyone to go and watch the film to see the wonder of his wardrobe.

Post film/wolf excitement, and a result of a Google search yesterday entitled 'wolf fashion' I came across a flawless Autumn/Winter 07 line by Kate Sylvester (who I had not heard of until now).  The line was centred around the chilling combination of little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  Reading a review on I discovered that the sound of wolves howling was played throughout the show, and bright 'wolf vision' eyes glared into the audience at the entrance of the runway.  
"You are the unnatural spawn of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf!"
Was the message for the models before entering the runway.  

Why hadn't I discovered this before?! I only wish that I could find somewhere online that still sells this collection.  I love the innocence and femininity of little Red Riding Hood, combined with the big woolly knits of her grandmother and the sexy, dark influence of the wolf in the fur capes.  The juxtaposition of the innocent and the savage works perfectly to create an amazing collection.


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