Friday, 22 February 2008

a little more about the rangers...

It could be argued that with our weather rant we jumped right into the blog without proper introduction! They were feelings that couldn't be contained...

So I feel an introductory post is in order. We are Lashes and Octavia. We like the aesthetically pleasing, we love interesting details...this leads to a general adoration of films, art and people but comes out most strongly in STYLE.

Here we are:

And here is a jumble of influences:

~River Phoenix - My Own Private Idadho - Lightspeed Champion - Wes Anderson - Bats - Tim Burton - Wolves - Magic - Bat For Lashes - Jane Ray Illustrations - Arthur Rackham - Foxes - Owls - Harry Potter - Witches and Wizards - Johnny Depp - John Waters' Cry Baby - This is England - Tartan - Sin City Comics - Superheroes - Kurt Cobain - Iekeliene Stange - Vampires - Christmas - Tattoos - The Royal Tenenbaums - Bat For Lashes - Woody Allen - Party Monster - Tarantino -Irina Lazareanu - Chloe Sevigny - True Romance - Trees with no leaves - Pirates - Talking Heads - Kirsten Dunst - The Lost Boys - Lou Dillion - Au Revoir Simone - CocoRosie - Arcade Fire - Clemence Posey - Olsen twins - F Scott Fitzgerald - Nouvelle Vague - Debbie Harry - Victorian dandys - Justice - Uffie - Sunglasses - Luella Bartley - Daphne Guinness - Poison Ivy - Harley Quinn - Anouck Lepere~

With the rain/wind wrecking our outfit plans (hiss!) and a lack of funds limiting our purchases, our fashionselves have been feeling starved of late. Hopefully this page will be a good outlet for our obsession!



jess said...

you guys have an interesting group of influences
check out my blog

Top bird said...

Nice list of inspirations. Kudos for Talking Heads and This is England! xx