Wednesday, 27 February 2008

jacket lust

Lashes is now the proud new owner of this fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs denim jacket.

I must say I am envious. It manages to embody lumberjack style, be actually not overly manly on AND I am guessing it's also rather good at keeping you warm. I tried it on but sadly I don't think its to be, my shoulders make it a bit TOO masculine. I shall probably still steal it sometime though! My jacket lust lies elsewhere....a far less practical elsewhere:

Ah the beautiful Richard Nicoll for Topshop blazer.

Since I saw it, it's been a rollercoaster of emotions! First there was excitement, then a crash when it had sold out in my size. Then IT WAS BACK. It seemed like this gods were smiling but unfortunatley by this time I had reached my mid to end month no money left really need this for food point. So I am left looking at it every day, hoping it will still be around in March when more money comes into my account. I know its unreasonable. It's not blazer weather, I already have a rather nice black one (see below) and knowing my clumsyness, it's likely it would get wrecked rather quickly. But still I lust. And lust. And look at Anna Molinari and Calvin Klein's perfect summer tailoring on and lust some more.

I swear I am planning outfits for it already! Talking of planning outfits, I took the opportunity to wrong-foot my old classmates at a party the other weekend by wearing an enormous flower hairband as a crown, latex leggings (hardly new but shocking to the guy fools I went to school with) and stars stuck on my face. It was fun.


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