Thursday, 20 March 2008

Kate Moss For Topshop...

...I thought I would put in my views

I can't exactly say I've been disappointed by each new collection - I never had very high expectations for them. Kate Moss is not someone I find particularly interesting to look at. Now and again she gets it very right; I liked the star painted on her face, I remember being impressed at her Beautiful and Damned themed costume and what she wore to the masked ball. But it strikes me that those are all events with a liscence to be "costumed", suggesting none of these outfits are really indicators of her personal style.

The only item I own from the all three collections is the black wet look tie neck top, something I just tried on impulse one day and liked the look of. It is great for layering but not a stand out piece in my wardrobe.

But onto the summer collection.

From the pictures in Grazia I couldn't help wondering if Sienna Miller was feeling a little smug right now. Buried in all the chiffon boho floatyness was an air of the Victorian aesthetic seen in Twenty8Twelve. The teeshirts are also reminiscient of the newest items of the Miller Range. Obviously the "feud" between them is probably created completley by the media...but still, it amuses me to see the "original" appearing to borrow from the "imitator"....
Asides from the little chuckle this gave me I mostly found the collection dull. A beaded cape is nice but not stand-out brilliant and overpriced for what it is; ie something you could find in any high street or vintage shop. I'm slightly drawn to the suede fringed waistcoat but steering myself away from what is probably a moment of madness and liable to be bought by many. I do really like the blazer (though I see it more on Lashes than me) but as a realistic alternative to expensive preppy style, not a standout piece in it's own right. My favourite is not actually up on the website yet, it is the leather tuxedo style jacket I saw in Grazia, I would quite like to see if that lives up to the pictures.

Most of the other clothes though...well I'm just going to sign off with one last thought in the form of a question. Why on earth do the Kate Moss clothes always look flimsier, cheaper and tackier than the regular Topshop ones?




Siobhan said...

Kate seems to go for a completely different look each season and this one I can definitely see the influence from Sienna and Savannah's clothing line. Although one thing which shouldn't be allowed is the designers face on the t-shirt (even if it is a cartoon) - a no no.

50two said...

from my opinion the kate moss topshop range looks so... average. like extremely average. like my-boring-16-year-old-cousin-wears-it average. anyway- ill stop now.